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President's Welcome

At the Liberty Grove Historical Society, we seek to entertain, as we recount with authenticity, great stories from Liberty Grove’s past. The Liberty Grove Historical Society is your starting place for exploring the people, places and events that have shaped Ellison Bay, Gills Rock and the surrounding area’s past.

We have preserved one of Northern Door County’s most beautiful spots. Our “grand” property overlooks the bay of Ellison Bay. We have had the great honor of partnering with the Door County Land Trust and the Town of Liberty Grove to preserve the “grand view” in Ellison Bay. Our property provides the entrance to that beautiful scenic overlook!

We work together to make this society more than just a piece of property, more than simply fundraiser after fundraiser. We are shaping part of history, and we are saving pieces of the past…one step, one picture, one building at a time.

I look forward year after year to working, learning and having fun with all of the dedicated and interesting people who make up this society. It is my honor to serve you.

Much love,


(Stefanie Burke)

Establishing the Historical Society

On June 19, 1999, the Ellison Bay/Gills Rock Historical Society was established with the assistance of the Wisconsin State Historical Society. As our membership grew to include all of Liberty Grove, we became the Liberty Grove Historical Society the following summer. The society’s goal was to create a museum to preserve the story of Liberty Grove. Russell and Virginia Hanson offered us the opportunity to purchase their historic century farm. Our museum site contains artifacts donated by local families and historic buildings which exemplify the manner in which early residents lived. Through our fundraising efforts, we are paying off the mortgage and continuing to develop the site.

We invite you to explore the property, as you imagine and dream about past generations.

Marylin J. Banzhaf

Founder, First President and Past President-Emeritus


Mission Statement

The mission of our society is to collect, research and preserve objects and archival materials that reflect the history of Liberty Grove. To pass on from person to person the history of its people and to plan the documentation and preservation of historical artifacts, buildings and sites.

Board of Directors and Officers

Board Officers

Stefanie Burke, President

Lon Kopinski, Vice President

Barb Dziekan, Treasurer

Tina Gan, Secretary

Members of the Board

Linda Wilkinson, Membership

Nancy Kurtz, Museum

Don Overby, Site Manager

Vonnie Callsen

Cheryl Culver

Dave Westen

Marylin Banzhaf, Past President Emeritus


Annual Fish Boil

Antique Tractor Show


Arts and Craft Fair

Vintage Market


Museum and Artifacts

Circle of Honor and Heritage Walkway



Society grounds Site Maintenance

Vintage Market

Webpage and Facebook Maintenance

Special Collections

The LGHS artifacts and collections area is accessible only to Society members who have been given permission to be in this area. Send requests to Board member Nancy Kurtz. She will clear you for access if the Museum staff agrees to that access.

Artifacts and collections of LGHS