2018 General Meetings of LGHS



The LGHS Program Committee has put together four exciting programs for the General Meetings this summer.

JUNE 18 We will hear a brief review of the cheese-making history of Liberty Grove. Then Jesse and Rachael Johnson of Door County Creamery will talk about their goat cheese.

JULY 16 Recollections and Reflections from a Story Teller Doll.

Enjoy this encore presentation following five early Door County families as they struggle to adjust to living in a new world. The Appel, Grasse, Kellstrom, Kramer, and Logerquist famiiles were all early arriving ancestors of Kathy (Kramer) Springer. She invites you to take a peek into their triumphs and tragedies as they leave a pattern of perseverance from the 1860's through the 1950's influencing the lives of those who were to follow in the paths that they had cleared.

AUGUST 20 Using photos, Bill walker will present "The Life and Times of Robert S. Platt: The Professor Who Put Ellison Bay on the Map." Below are Elsie, Winnie, Harriet Platt and Robert S. Platt on wall of Ellison Bay Lodge in undated photo.

SEPTEMBER 17 ( 6 P.M.) Site visit to Linden Gallery, Ellison Bay - Jeanee and Brian Linden have invited the LGHS to their beautiful gallery. We will hear a brief history of the site's Norwegian Lutheran Church and then have a tour of the gallery as it is today with its many ancient and modern pieces of art.

We hope you will enjoy this year's variety of programs on Liberty Grove history!