Where the Present Meets the Past

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LGHS Museum
The Museum is open from 10 to 3 p.m.
       on days that include Vintage Days, 
Art Fair and Tractor Show. 
        See the schedule on the left side of this page.
Many new items have been added at the
Museum and displays have been added.
New Projects
The Picker's Shack
The Granary
The Pine Cottage

Picker's Shack

 LGHS Collections Inventory Project has
begun at the Picker's Shack located on the
grounds. Volunteers Nancy Kurtz, Karen Board Moran,
and Carolyn and Don Payne begin cleanup and inventory procedure.
(To help with inventory work contact Karen at 520-730-0436)

Picker's Shack

Inside view of the picker's shack 

Granary Project

Teamwork emptying the Granary Project

Shown: Joshua Beard, Dave Westen, Gary Kurtz, Lon Kopitzki, Don Overby, Karen Board Moran

Not shown: Nancy Kurtz, Diane Board, Lynda Sanford, Linda Wilkinson




Go on the Spirit Walk with presenters 
reinacting the people who helped build Liberty Grove
presented June 2017

Wedding Venue
(May - September only)
Our grounds are available for wedding celebrations.  Space for the tent
and other items needed for your ceremony plus ample parking space 
can be scheduled with Linda Wilkinson who can provide more information about 
the Society site just outside Ellison Bay, WI. A donation is accepted for the use 
of the site property and electrical hookup.

Email to: